Some time ago I developed some 8051 apps working with Voda's GPRS network which all went well.

Now Wavecom have moved to a new TCP Stack supplier so just making necessary mods, however previously it seemed that after 2-3mins of no traffic the network routers would block traffic from the internet till traffic from the GPRS modem happened, a feature I understood was to help with securing from unwanted traffic from the internet. On top of that if no traffic flowed for 2hrs then the connection would be closed period.

Now playing with this new setup it would seem that the 2min connection partial closure no longer seems to happen, it could be that the new stack is providing a stay alive, although I cannot see any transmissions that would support that. Can anyone else comment on this.

To be honest I prefer this non closure after 2min as it helps keep traffic/costs down as I only need to pass a keep alive ever 100odd minutes.

By the way I am using the APN, would others recommend another.