I am in the market for a new phone. I see from the news that digital wallet technology is currently in testing. Westpac is about to release one particular solution (HCE?) while the other banks are working on another technology (TSM?).

I'm reasonably keen on the idea of a digital wallet, but am not sure if the type of phone matters for compatibility with the new technologies. I don't especially want to upgrade again once digital wallets roll out so I am hoping someone knows what will be required.

I'm assuming that NFC is a must, but I've seen from other Geekzone forums that Snapper/2Degree's touch2pay system doesn't work with all NFC phones, they have to have a particular feature/software (Open SIMAlliance API?). Is anything similar going to be required for a digital wallet?

I kind of figure there are three scenarios for digital wallet phones:

(A) Nothing special beyond NFC (and maybe a special SIM card) is required - type of phone I buy doesn't matter
(B) Something special is required, but no phones currently on the market have this something special - type of phone I buy (now) doesn't matter
(C) Something special is required, and some phones currently on the market do have this something special - make sure I buy one now with this feature

For what it's worth, the Nexus 5 was until very recently my leading candidate, but the availability of the One+1 at PBTech has turned my head. I don't need a really top-end phone (I never play games or use it for anything particular strenuous), but I am a big fan of the latest and greatest features/gimmicks of the latest OSes. I also have CM on my current phone and like some of its tweaks, so the One+1 does look very tempting. Fits my budget too.