Has been a long time since I have posted here, well tells you about the technology dinosaur I can be. I like new technology don't get me wrong but I am not the type of person who uses all of it, never was a fan of Apple so held out for a long time till I bought an N8 and have been happy ever since, but I realize its time to upgrade as my old phone is getting a bit dated and the battery life is no good.


I will use it for basic tasks, txts, calls, music and then the camera, gps & multimedia every now and then rarely do I find myself using data or the internet on the phone (dont do fb.tweets or any social network stuff) and the nokia n8 has an excellent GPS that doesn't need to use data/bandwidth from the provider. I understand most phones these days come with very nice cameras to match or surpass the N8 so thats not a worry.


Overall battery life is important for me the most as I travel, and will be using this phone in europe when I shift there sometime this year.


What would be a good phone to upgrade to? I have been thinking about picking up an used M8 from trademe but unsure what I should go for, hence, throw some advice and suggestions my way. cool