Hi I recently purchased a Samsung Note 5 from Trade Me and looking into it I have discovered its the Korean model (SM-N920L) I believe the firmware is very similar to the S6 and in the case of my questions probably the S7 models as well.


The model I have has had the firmware modified so it is running the bootloader, PDA and Baseband from the Korean phone but the CSC from a G928 (edge+ from another country) (all Bloat removed).  At the moment I am having some call issues where sometimes people cant here me or just in general bad call quality.  The phone has the correct frequencies for the spark network which I am on.


So my question is will I have any issues with this phone if I change it back to the stock Korean Firmware (other than what I am already having) has anyone here had any experience with these Korean models?  I am happy to use Odin to flash back to the Korean Firmware but if I have problems I don't think I can put it back to the firmware setup that its currently using.


Any help or opinions would be appreciated