Okay, I'm sure many other people are wondering why I'm going to be asking this. I'm curious as to how to get the MMS to go to my Providers Webpage (Optus), rather than to the phone itself. I've reset the settings on my Vodafone, sent a MMS from my Optus to that to see if it'd to the PXT Link, but to no avail did it work. Is there any way I can get a Picture from my phone to the Optus website? I've tried everything, and I just can't seem to get it to work, and I can't use the Nokia PC Suite either because I don't have a BlueTooth Device for my PC, a cable, nor Infra-Red. It seems at times when you don't want something to work, it works and vice-versa. Any ideas? I'm using a Nokia 6230, brand new out of the box yesterday.