Hey guys and gals; fellow geekzone members!

My Nokia 2125 has had several years of good use, and with many drops on the ground along the way, it's finally packed it in, having huge keypad, connectivity and software issues.

I'm looking for a new phone on the telecom network, prepaid and no plans to go 021, I'm looking for a great deal under $300, ideally I'd to spend under $200, but if there's something of really good value $200-$300 I won't rule it out.

First thing I noticed is telecom's website lists a grand total of 4 phones under $300, the only one I would consider is the Samsung W300, but I'd like something better that's on sale for under $200. Rather than a $200 RRP

So what I really want to know is what good deals are around at the moment? I've looked through some catalogues online from your usual places like Dick Smiths, Warehouse and Noel Lemming but nothing really stands out, nothing more than a few dollars off RRP.

I had seen geekzone posts from December '08 here talking about Samsung Envy's and Nokia 6275's down from prices like $400-500 to $200-$250

So what's on offer at the moment?

Thanks for your help in advance and great site