I had quite a drama getting the settings for a Symbol PPT2837 correct so I could get access to the Internet via Pocket PC 2002. Thought I'd share with others...

After you've installed a GPRS SIM card that is Data capable. Create a Connection setting as follows:...

Tap on Start
Tap on Settings
Tap on Connections Tab
Tap on Connections Icon
Tap on Modify in the 'When needed, automatically connect to the The Internet using these settings:'
Tap on New...
Enter Name for New Connection (eg. GPRS)
Select a modem: Virtual GPRS modem on COM9
Baud Rate: 57600
Tap on Advanced...
Tap on TCP/IP tab
- Ensure that Use server-assigned IP address is ON
- Uncheck Use Slip
- Uncheck Use software compression
- Uncheck Use IP header compression
Tap OK
Tap Next
Enter Country Code:64
Enter Area Code: 21
Enter Phone number: *99***1#
Tap on Next
- Uncheck Cancel call if not connected within 0 seconds
- Uncheck Wait for dial tone before dialing
In the Extra dial-string modem commands: enter the following
Tap Finish
Tap OK
Tap Dialing Locations Tab
Change Location to Home
Under Local Settings
Change Area Code to 21
Change Country Code to 64
Tap on Dialing Patterns...
For local calls, dial: G
Delete the dial settings in long distance and international calls boxes.
Tap OK

To Test Open Explorer on device
In the Address Bar enter name of web site (eg. www.geekzone.co.nz) and tap Go

A Connecting dialog box will open.
When it says Connected you are online.

So far this seems to be working fine for me, if anyone has any tips to improve on what I have done would really appreciate feedback.