Recently I moved house and decided to terminate my account with tiscalli and go back to BT. I rang tiscalli to clear any thing outstanding on my account. I was told this had been done and the account was cleared, I left details of my new address for tiscalli to post a receipt (which they never did). Nearly six months later I received a letter from onebill telecom asking for £6.40 which was outstanding on an account I had with them. As I had never heard of them and the letter looked like a photocopy and was addressed to 'Dear Sir/Madam', not to me, I initially thought it may even be a scam. However I rang them and they explained they had taken over tiscalli accounts and that when I had cleared my account the person who had dealt with my request had not accounted for the final month (apparently). On hearing this I sent a cheque for £6.40 to onebill telecom. One month later I received a letter from ‘creditlink account recovery solutions limited’ telling me that they had been engaged by onebill ‘to assist in the collection of late payments’ as I had apparently ‘received reminders’ from onebill ‘on numerous occasions requesting payment’. To add insult to injury the outstanding balance had grown to £11.40 with no explanation. I have just rung CARS and have paid this off; it’s too small a sum to risk my credit rating on. I shall however be watching my bank account to see if onebill have the audacity to cash the initial cheque I sent. The figures I am stating are small potatoes, although this could happen to you and it could concern much larger figures. Do you want to deal with a company who show such incompetence in their administrative abilities, who lose cheques sent to them, who lie about contacting you, who do not seem to have any idea as to who their customers are, who are intent on changing figures without explanation, and who are so ready to send your account to a credit recovery company without actually speaking to you, or without considering the fault may with themselves. I don’t. I wouldn’t have any dealings with this company again and I strongly advise you consider this before having any dealings with them yourself.