I had to call 777 today to check my ballance before I txt my 027 friend, When I called no sound came though so I thought they were down, I called again and nothing still, tried loud speaker and it worked. The earpiece has just started doing this today (well the first I've noticed anyways.) I want to know if anyone else has had this problem before I drive all the way to vodafone at new market this weekend? The phone has been sent in 3 times prior before they gave me this one as a replacement, I will be requesting a refund this time, hopefully they will stop messing me about because this is getting annoying making these trips constantly all that way (from Wattle Downs, Manukau --> New Market). Should get my new phone tomorrow hopefully so I wont need this piece of garbage. I brought this from first mobile also, who make you send the phone in 3 times before a replacement is considered. Not sure what they do when you have had to send back 2 different phones in 4 times each.