Hey experts/geeks,

Needing your help. My Motorola SLVR L9 has a white display now and does nothing. I can see a bit of the wallpaper on the top right corner but thats it.

It does not respond to any key presses. Have tried powercycling the phone, blow drying it - even though i havent spilled anything on it.

Was working perfectly fine till i played some cricket this arvo and decided to leave the phone in my pocket [i know not the smartest thing to do]

Don't see any physical damage but it could have been subjected to some shocks or maybe even light impacts as the bowlers were out to get me.

Will flashing the phone help here? ANd how to go about it? Or any other tricks i can try myself before heading to the proffessionals?

ANy advice/tips would be greatly appreciated :)