Hey guys
Just looking for some info regarding a minor but annoying problem.

Heres the story,
My brother has a Motorola V3xx on Vodafone which by the looks of it has some trouble differentiating caller ID/phone numbers.

I have 2 seperate phones, one on VFNZ and the other on 2Degrees, i have changed the 2D phone number to match the VFNZ number with the exception of the prefix via the 2D website. So in essence they are the same number except one is 021 while the other is 022.

When i attempt to call or SMS my brother from my 2D phone, his V3xx shows the Caller ID as my VFNZ phone trying to make contact with him
He has my 2 numbers saved as seperate contacts with different contact names in his phone list yet it still shows only the VFNZ number when i call/SMS.

We have tried deleting my both my contact entries and reloading them, changing the contact name to something completely different, and even changed the prefix listed in the contact list to +6421... and
+6422... rather than just 021 and 022. Still no joy.

Has anyone else experienced this or know why it is occuring?

Any help is appreciated