I bought the wife a SE W508 for Xmas and for a few weeks it has been working fine on XT but over the weekend it decided to report continual no coverage in many areas where coverage is normally great (i.e. Warkworth town centre) and then after a power cycle it then proceeded to start up and then continually reboot to the start screen.

I'm just wondering if this is just a one off or if it's a common problem with this model of handset?
Telecom Store advises it could be a s/w glitch (unfortunately we didn't note the firmware version due to the nature of the fault)

BTW it's back with Telecom for investigation and we wait the 7-10 days for a fix/replacement/decision on whether it's been abused and paid $150 bond for the priviledge. I must say we have a nice cheap and chatty loaner for the time being from the store and thoroughly enjoyed completing the manual forms to allow this.