One of the team was hit with a massive casual data rate follwoing an overseas holiday. Basically, the phone was streaming data off and on for a few weeks = total of 3.5Gb over the "norm" of around 50Mb. We went through the basics = have you been using explorer for any downloads, video streaming, games etc. No (and this follwos the typical trend for this user). Didn't hit any wireless networks either here or there. Upon arriving in Thailand, received a couple of texts with the usual offers re Duty Free/Provider. May have clicked through into one of these.
We did a hard reset (to resolve an issue where the phone was no longer synching via our Webmail server - due to bandwidth being maxed out by this) and this has stopped the issue. Wondering if anyone has any info on known viruses that may affect Windows Mobile 6.1 devices? Can't tell from VF around what sites were being hit.