Hi All, just to let you know, APT has just announced the cdma.co.nz website.

The blurb on the annoucement is as below:
To commemorate our continued development and distribution of specialist CDMA solutions, APT has launched www.cdma.co.nz to showcase CDMA, and the specialist solutions we offer for it.

Find out about CDMA and its benefits; learn what the different CDMA standards are and how they affect you. Check out our specialist range of CDMA solutions, find out which of our comprehensive list of market leading data cables you need for your CDMA cell phone, or simply check what new products we’ve released recently that your customers may need to be made aware of.

While www.pccard.co.nz should remain your main source of information on products supplied to the dealer channel by APT, www.cdma.co.nz should give you quick access to CDMA specific product information and marketing material, while also providing an end-user friendly area to send your customers for more information on our specialist range of CDMA solutions.

- See http://www.cdma.co.nz for more information.