A couple of questions to those who may have one.

I bought one of these  Ex AT&T off Trademe last week for $250.  Not a bad fone On XT a bit slow on Vodafone.

1.       Google Maps.  Downloaded the App and it installed but when I run up the app I get an error message “Network Unavailable. This application requires a data connection”

Is this because it is looking for some sort of pipe to AT&T or does it need a data account on XT or has AT&T locked this function without a data plan?


2.       MMS.  I got  this to go on XT  and I like the way it resizes the pictures before it sends them however I can't receive incoming MMS.  I get the message with the “Retrieve” message but when I try to retrieve it I get an error message  “Retrieving failed, Decoding error” ..  Any ideas??


One other thing.  I mainly use this with my work Vodafone SIM  in it but since putting it in this fone , when I put it back into my old Samsung W531 it comes up “Limited Service” . It used to work,  however my 2D SIM which has also been in the Eternity works fine and the Voda SIM works fine in my old LG set and the new set ..  Go figure..

Non of the AT&T apps work but that was expected.

Was impressed  to see the  Samsung Software had  all 3 NZ carriers listed for Web access when tethered..


Thats about it.  Battery life seems small but I guess thats  touch screens. Pig of a battery to get out to change the SIM.


Big thanx to all those folks who have posted stickys  on the forum of carrier settings for these fones with different carriers..