Hi, some months ago I noticed half of the channel logos that used to appear in the Now Playing list no longer show.  I don't know whether this is a widespread issue or a regional one but I got in touch with TiVo support via email who said they would investigate after they had me run manual updates and inevitable restarts and provide some photos of what the Now Playing list looked like.  Admittedly this was perhaps a year ago but thought I'd raise the flag again.

The channels that DO show logos are TV1, TV2, Maori, Prime, Trackside (what's left of it), Parliament, RNZ National, RNZ Concert and Base FM. The ones that don't show are TV3, FOUR, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, C4, Choice, Sommet, Al Jazerra and Apna TV - mindful some broadcasters may not have ever broadcast logos to start with though TV3, FOUR and C4 definitely used to.

I know this happens to three TiVo units each pointing to Mt Erin (Hawke's Bay) but don't personally know anyone else with a TiVo to ask what they see. All channels did certainly used to show a logo and the ones that no longer show literally all disappeared at the same time so is a network issue not an individual device issue.

At the time TiVo support suggested it was down to the individual broadcasters but would get a "local technician" to run some tests but that's as far as it got. My suspicion is the broadcast network that channels TVNZ channels run on show logos whereas channels on the network MediaWorks use don't show logos?

Does anyone have some insight as to what's going on?  I know it's only a warm fuzzy feature to have but would be good to have them all back again.