Finally picked up this universal remote as I confirmed it worked with Tivo and it came down to less than $100 [just though $99 @ DSE] after considering it at $125+ a while back, and am happy to report that it is not only very good with TiVo, it is actually more responsive than the TiVo original remote which I found needed to be 785 Remotepointed at the unit and was easily blocked by objects. 

The Harmony seems to have a very strong signal which better than all of the remotes I have replaced with it. [TiVo, AV Received, HDMI Switch, DVD]

There are six buttons around the screen which by default [In "Watch TV" mode] are the Tivo button, Watch Live TV, Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down and two unassigned ones, which I have assigned sequences to for one-button swiching to all PS3 inputs on the TV, AV unit, and HDMI switch box and another sequence that returns all inputs back to TiVo settings.
You can also assign tasks and sequences to unused buttons such as the 4 colour buttons.

I have considered using one for a one-button sequence that goes straight to search by title, or a sequence that goes to the now playing list and scrolls down to the bottom where the TiVo media link to my PC is.

It has its own guide, play, pause, fast forward stop buttons etc which are all pre assigned when you set your PVR device to TiVo

Anyway, thought I would mention it in case anyone was considering a 3rd party remote or universal remote and wondered how efficient it was with the Tivo.