From today's newsletter:

"Save $195 on a 1TB Expander Drive

It's time to make room for even more of the TV you love because we've slashed the price of our 1TB expander drive just for you! Right now you can pick-up an extra terabyte of hard drive space for your TiVo for just $174. That's OVER HALF the original recommended retail price of $369! Simply click here for terms and condition and to take advantage of this great offer today. A delivery fee of $15 applies. Be quick offer ends 31 October, 2010 and is available exclusively to our loyal TiVo customers."

"Refer a friend and reap the rewards!

Any TiVo owner will tell you that TiVo is to TV like icing is to cake - essential! So if you find yourself perplexed by how your friends could possibly survive without a TiVo in their home, why not help them get their hands on a TiVo of their own? Right now, when you refer a friend to TiVo and they make a purchase, we will reward you with $60 worth of CASPA credits, free Home Networking Package and a new TiVo Glo Remote to say thank you for your first referral. You'll also receive a $60 CASPA voucher for every subsequent referral that results in a purchase. Plus, we'll reward your friend by giving them $60 off their TiVo purchase price! It's nice to know your friends have your back, so show your mates you're looking out for them by clicking here to refer a friend to TiVo today! Terms and conditions apply."

It looks like the "click here" links are targeted so can't be shared for reuse.

Frankly they can't be particularly good friends if we're recommending they buy at instead of ordering from Telecom for only $499...