Ok, so I have MKV files that my Philips BD3200/79 plays quite smoothly from my USB flash drive but with one problem - there is a directional issue. I can speed forward 2x or 4x, but any more and there are problems, it might crash, and if I reverse 2x it jumps back to the start of the file. Not every MKV file has this problem but most of them do, particularly the ones that come out regularly now. I feel I would rather have full control in this regard when watching; you miss something, you go to rewind and it's back at the start. Then you have to fast forward 4x and, depending how far you were into the video, it may take a while.


So you see my issue, The machine has no problem playing MP4 so...


I tried WonderShare Ultimate Video Converter to convert from MKV to MP4 with inconsistent results. Only one file converted to MP4 with no problems when I played it and I noticed it had doubled the size. Other files I converted resulted in about the same size as the original and, while I now had directional power, there were pixelation issues.


The I tried HandBrake. Variations converting to MP4 using H.264 did not work when I put it into the machine. It told me "Unsupported video format". It only worked when I tried MPEG-4 bt of course, the picture quality was terrible.


Any suggestions? And can anyone tell me what in a file container gives free use to directional power?