When I first bought my A6000 about 3 years ago I was quite excited that it had WiFi.  Turns out it wasn't that useful to me.  It's pretty slick for copying files to a smartphone and using a smartphone as a remote, but for transfer to PC I have found it clunky and slow, Sony's PhotoMemories PC app is pretty awful. 


What I really wanted to do was wirelessly transfer pics to my (Synology) NAS. Googling proved I wasn't the only one who wants this but there didn't seem to be a solution.


Every now and then I'd still have a sniff around the web and then yesterday I came across this




People have been busy reverse engineering and have developed a bunch of apps for installation on the camera, they're listed here




and come bundled with the windows installation utility that you can download here:






It doesn't install, it just runs and if you connect your Sony via USB in MTP mode it should pickit up and you can pick the app you  want from the drop-down list.


Someone has kindly developed one for Synology NAS so I can now finally upload directly to my NAS without having to go and switch my PC in on the other room (it's bit light on features, can't select specific files, it's all or nothing).


I've also quickly tried the timelapse one.  Seems to do what it says on the tin and saves having to fork out $16 for the Sony one.


Disclaimer:  All at your own risk of course




TL;DR Free apps for Sony cameras here: https://sony-pmca.appspot.com/apps