Hi Geekzone! 

I'm planning on running a regularly updated photo-blog of earthquake related photography from around Christchurch and Canterbury. Large updates will come fortnightly with the odd mid-week post if something is going on that requires my attention - such as the demolition of a building or other event.

I figure if I'm going to document the process for myself I might as well share it, however because I'm lazy I'm going to use Google+ and Picasa rather than an actual blog site. Although it appears google+ could be perfect for this.

New Albums and additions will be added to my Google+ Public stream:CERP Google+ stream, Or for more features such as image locations and tag searching use Picasa directly:CERP - Picasa web album. You can also follow me on Picasa if you so wish :D?

The plan is to add monthly albums from February 2011 once I filter through all my images, going forward I'll post the updates as the photos are taken and then move/archive them all into monthly albums at some point in the future.

 Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament