Hi everyone, I'd like some help in finding a suitable person for a project I have coming up.

Do you want to be part of something never seen before in New Zealand? An online game experience that incorporates real-world activity that is unique, hugely innovative, for one of the world’s most well-known brands and is going to generate a huge amount of interest for the client, and for you? Well we have the project for you!

Like most great projects it’s highly sensitive so I can’t give you all the great details here. If you get in touch then we can discuss it further. What we can say is what we are looking for, we need:

-  experienced web developer to incorporate live GPS vehicle tracking into a online game and experience. We provide the raw backend information, you take that and develop the techy bits and how the front-end user interface and gameplay comes
-  Social media incorporation
+ much more I guess!
Now here comes the catch: we’ve got a next-to-nothing budget. We can pay you a little bit but really this needs to be seen as a chance to get a once in a lifetime project in your portfolio. (Trust us it will be! A similar project was done in the UK 5 years ago and won all sorts of awards. We want to better that) We can do all of the design work and project management to take as much out of your hands as possible.
So if this is of interest to you then please get in touch and we can discuss it further.

Tim Dove Design
022 0335 912