I'd like to let Geekzone know about a Meetup and LinkedIn group I'm forming in Auckland. First meeting is pencilled in for 25 May.

Here are links

Please get in touch with me if you are working on a project and would like to either talk about it, or are looking for help.

IOT Auckland will cover technology, applications and industries relevant Internet of Things topics. If you think you should join, then that means you need to. Click on it!

Are you....
• developing IOT technology and need to increase your range of skills or find best practise?
• an expert in a specific area,that could be communications, transducers, hardware platforms, cloud architecture, cybersecurity, data analysis, etc?
• working in an industry and want to understand how IOT technology could increase productivity, solve a problem or increase exports?

You can benefit by sharing your knowledge, problem or opportunity for an application. In the group you'll find common interests, encouragement and discoveries that will accelerate your personal and business success.

We will have regular meetups in Auckland with presentations on relevant topics. These will describe a technology, an application or an industry solution. You'll also be able to network with technologists, entrepreneurs and like minded business people.

When you join the IOT Auckland group please write a brief profile describing what you are working on, technology expertise, customer industry and what you want to achieve by taking part.

Thanks and welcome.