I'm building two businesses - one grassroots currently-amateur studio, the other sole trader pro creative




My grassroots studio is basically me as writer and producer and my friend as artist.


In currently an amateur capacity we are making a graphic novel also short movie and micro-budget feature movie projects shot on video.


I plan to find distribution opportunities when we have some finished products and turn it into a business.


I'm feeding both businesses with a portion of the income I aspire to make from my writing (novels, films, plays, card games, rpgs)


The second business is just me and will be in a professional capacity used for producing my entertainment projects - comic book series, animation, tv, web series, websites, software, toys, indie video games, electronic games and hardware, electronic puppets and art. With the goal of opening a retail store and a local print magazine about 90s gaming and indie developers, eventually.




My main website is http://www.aboutmike.co.nz


My studio website is http://www.16bitMT.co.nz


My R&D entertainment business will be in wordpress and is coming soon, with a tentative release date of August 16th.