What would you look for if you were replacing IT equipment and wanted to dispose of your current equipment?
As some of you may know, I am currently studying network engineering in Wellington. I am receiving a study allowance and I am lucky to have a couple of dollars left after paying off my rent and bills.
As such, I am currently looking at setting up a small pc recycling service similar to Remarkit but on a much smaller scale (for starters). I am thinking of having a collection service, provide reports on data removal, offer 3 pass DBAN wipe or 7 pass Mac disk wipe for sensitive data (for a fee), physical destruction of unwipeable storage devices, refurbishment and reselling of equipment, full breakdown and disposal of non-serviceable/unsellable components.
I plan on making a website and would like some ideas on what should be included and what information would prospective clients like to see.
Any input, positive or critical would be greatly appreciated.

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