It's time to do a bit of work on the house starting with cleaning the gutters and painting the rusty bits with Bkackguard.

The very first section I cleaned, which is a short section above the front door, has the spouting falling away from the outlet thereby trapping water in the spouting.  Easy fix, just lower the end of the spouting where it enters the down pipe or failing that raise the other end.  The piece of spouting in question is all of 2 metres long.

The hard bit is figuring out how the fascia that covers the spouting is fixed.  So far as I can tell the fascia is the same as the 205 mm internal fascia shown here. or certainly very similar.  You need to scroll about 2/3 of the way down to see what i'm talking about.

Any ideas on how it's fixed to the house so that I can remove it to get to the spouting?