I replaced all of my halogen bulbs with LEDs a couple of years ago, but am just getting around to lights where the transformers were gone.  I've also decided to replace the the complete down lights in a couple of rooms: one bedroom, one bathroom (an excuse to go smart in the bedroom, although the wifi side of set up is a problem right now) and swap the dead transformers elsewhere for good ones from those rooms.


Every transformer in the house has 2 connectors for live and 2 connectors for neutral.  The new lights for the bedroom had the same.  The ones for the bathroom have only 1 live connector and 1 neutral connector (Ecolife ledpak II 11W bathroom rated from Mitre 10).  Until now everything has been like-for-like.  I don't want to mess around with what I don't know, and the only way I can see to install the Ecolife lights is to connect both wires of the same type in to the appropriate connector, I have just never had to do that before and wanted to check, or do I need to swap them for something with the 2+2 connectors like I have everywhere else?


I could get an electrician, but there won't be any point if I have to swap lights anyway.