Hi All,


I am wanting to fence of my backyard but I'm not sure about the best approach to this section. I want to have a double swing gate with a short fixed fence section, overall width of 3.5m. The part I'm not sure about is how to mount the fence posts. I know ideally I would sink them into the ground with concrete, but this area is a little tricky. What I want to know is can I use post and bearer brackets to attach to the existing concrete driveway?


Below is the end where the fence meets the house. I want to have one of the gates hinged here. I was thinking of using a post and bearer bracket like the B25 bowmac bracket with dynabolts into the concrete and tieing the top of the post into the house for support. The reason I don't want to dig a hole for it is one, there is a drainage pipe running in front of the concrete slab, and two it won't meet up with the house as nicely.




This is the other end where I intend tie the new fence into the existing fence.



If I do use the post and bearer brackets is the a distance I should set it back from the edge of the concrete for added strength?




Thanks in advance.