I’m hoping there’s a Paradox alarm installer on here that’s super skilled with programming PGM outputs on the panel.

I have a MG5050 and connected to this is a relay on PGM 3. This used to trigger an LED indicator on the rear of the house to flash once for arming and twice for disarming. Purely to acknowledge that the arming via remote was received.

I recently added an IP150+ module to get this alarm online and had to reset the panel to get past the installer password. This resulted in the PGM programming being erased.

I’ve since installed BabyWare and programmed everything else, but can’t quite figure this one out. I can configure it to pulse for 1 second on arm and 2 seconds on disarm, but it’s not the same. It was a very quick and succinct FLASH FLASH in less than a second. Using the pulse for 2 seconds, it’s flash……… flash.

Any help would be appreciated as I cannot seem to figure out this one final bit!