Had my Fire TV for a little while now - nice little unit.
Have installed XBMC for streaming internal media files - works well.

Signed up with Unotelly for 12 months - thanks GZ discount code!

Signed up for a trial of Netflix - dont think it really suits me all that much - I think I am a bit fussy about what I watch - can see its great value for many people though. Probably wont bother subscribing.

I have installed the Crackle and TubiTV apps - and think they are pretty good for free products - a few movies TV programs with a little US advertising for when there is noting interesting on the real TV.

Huluplus is a bit of a pain - looks like you have to subscribe - hulu.com in a web browser however gives you lots of free content - anyone know if there is an app for Hulu (rather than huluplus)?

EDIT: Maybe free Hulu (with ads is on the way http://www.gottabemobile.com/2014/04/30/free-hulu-streaming-coming-to-iphone-and-android-this-summer/ )

Has anyone installed/found any 'interesting' things or their fire TV?