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Master Geek

# 177918 19-Aug-2015 09:57
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I am as ungeeky as they come but have tried everything I can but cant make any progress ...

I am a huge Movie/TV watcher and have had Fatso for about 10 years.  On the day Netflix came out I signed up for Netflix and Lightbox but was shocked at how poor the content was cf with fatso.   It worked well but I was bored stiff after a month. 

Heard about Unotelly so  signed up and have had an atrocious service ever since.

Netflix drops out constantly as does lightbox some of the time.  The timer clock can come up on Netflix every 2 minutes at its worse and is thus unplayable.  However I have had up to a 3 week period with virtually no problems at all.  I cant figure out what is going on.

I have a Sony Bravia Smart TV about 2 years old.  Before Unotelly,  I had it wired in to a point behind the TV.     We have a super long rectangular house and have the D LInk router at the far end in the garage (sadly away from the living areas) so have had long standing wireless problems on tablets etc down in the living areas.  We have 5 or 6 hardwired internet points throughout the house.  About six weeks ago I got the electrician round to put in another internet point and move the router down to this end of the house.  What we ended up with was a second router type thingy like on a relay  So we have the original router  down in the garage and a second device down near the living area which allows us to get wifi in the living areas comfortably.  If I turn the new device off I can still access wired internet from anywhere in the house where there are points.

After the electrician left I noticed that the wired service to the TV was no longer working.  I'm not sure why because the internet point at the TV shouldn't have physically changed and when I put a PC on it, it works fine on the wired service although my PC says Network found but limited.

Anyway my motto should be undeterred' so I opted for Plan B and reset the TV for wireless service and away we went.

So now I need to divide into BC and AC for the sake of the story.

BC +  Before electrician's changes
AC +  After electricians changes


Had no problem getting Netflix in US/ UK etc but on a fairly regular basis, I would have drop outs or network problems on most days.  These seemed to follow a pattern (for example, the dropped service would occur most nights at around 8 pm and on Sat and Sun mornings although not exclusively.  I researched and researched but could come up with nothing except the possibility of Spark operating some kind of traffic management.  I quizzed them at length about this both locally and at their overseas support centre but they swore blind they didn't do this to their unlimited customers although I note their terms and conditions say they can use it if they want to.  Coincidentally after I took them to task the problem seemed to go away almost entirely for about 3 or 4 weeks.

So BC - I'd be watching TV on wired internet and a drop out would occur.   Would tun off router and TV, check cables, check DNS and update Unotelly DNS.  Sometimes this would reset it all and service would be back and other times it wouldn't but you could do the same the next day and get it working again.  Also I refresh internet content frequently.

Functionality at this time would be TV reception is out completely but PCs in the same room still working but not necessarily downloading more complex sites like lightbox on Netflix on TV.  Sometimes drop out says check Network connection or it may just be a series of constant refreshing circles making Netflix unwatchable.  Mostly Netflix and Hulu affected but also sometimes local Lightbox as well.

Now AC  -

Fully wireless and can stream Netflix and Lightbox to all tablets and PCs no matter what even when TV says check Network Connection.    Last night after several days of constant drop outs,  I decided to reset my network connections on my TV and found tiny changes to the server type info so reset them to what Unotelly recommends and eventually got it going again but still with drop outs every 5 minutes.

I think I am looking at 2 problems

1.  A possibility that someone is limiting my access to overseas content or someone is limiting the amount of data we can download.  In the traffic management scenario, that would explain why internet browsing is still accessible via PC but not downloading or streaming on PC.  (As was happening BC)

2.   There is now a further problem to do with the Sony Bravia Tv and the new Wireless modem thingy.  Remember Netflix can now stream on wireless just fine even when TV cant connect  (which would be in line with Spark potentially stopping implementing traffic management (and hence the 3 weeks of normal operation BC). 

Any suggestions about what might be happening in either or both scenarios?

I am at the point of packing it all in and going back to Fatso so I would be grateful for any advice at all.  I have trawled the internet for answers and don't know whether to get the electrician back, change away from Spark to another provider or put the TV in the shop - or all 3!!!

Thanks so much

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BDFL - Memuneh
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Uber Geek

Lifetime subscriber

  # 1369098 19-Aug-2015 10:02
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I suspect you have multiple problems - you might be in need of a master filter to ensure reliable Internet connection, you might have problems with multiple router devices when you should be using a fast switch instead for wired connections, you may be having problems with wireless congestion due to interference from other access points around your location.

Lots of things that ca be influencing your setup.

Maybe tackle one at a time, starting with the router connection quality. Perhaps post modem starts first?

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Master Geek

  # 1370192 19-Aug-2015 11:58
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Thanks so much for getting back to me.


A couple of things - you said maybe post some data on modem starts.  Did you mean stats?  And what did you mean? 

What make and model the 2 devices are?  Or something else?

Thinking about what you said made me have a lightbulb moment.  Our house was built about 5 years ago, the initial electrician put a load of internet cables in but down in the living areas he put in some other/ xtra (infra red? cables) so some of the cables (and I know the one to the TV is one) are part of a system where you put in a DVD in a surround sound/dvd system located in our hall cupboard and you can view the DVD playing at any of the 4 points around the house.    It was never used because despite telling the guy what system we had he wired everything the opposite way to how our system worked. 

So of course, that is where the new wireless modem thingy is now situated.  In the hall cupboard by our living areas.  Do you have any idea what kind of system I am talking about?   I think he called it an IR system.  So what I think may have happened is that they have used existing cable from the central internet connection down the wall to the cupboard and down the wall to the TV and that while it works it is not working optimally because the cable is fundamentally different on some level.  Similar enough to work but not adequate for optimal performance.

Does this sound right to you or is it another of my wild suppositions (which I am prone to as you can see)?

So who is the best person to sort all this out?    Is an ordinary electrician ok or am I looking for some specialist network guy?  Or can we narrow it down at home through following a process?

Thanks again


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Uber Geek


  # 1370203 19-Aug-2015 12:15
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Please review this post for your answer about what sort of traffic shaping Spark is doing.

Cheers - N



Please note all comments are the product of my own brain and don't necessarily represent the position or opinions of my employer, previous employers, colleagues, friends or pets.

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Uber Geek


  # 1370232 19-Aug-2015 12:57
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Thing I've discovered by chance is to look at the playback hardware also, we are on Spark VDSL and was using a 2012 model Sony Home Theater and it struggled to get above 480p (it would go up and down qual wise). I switched to using our PS3 for playback and it runs at 1080p no problem.

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Master Geek

  # 1370350 19-Aug-2015 16:12
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How would I tell if this was an issue?  The TV is 1080 p (or supposed to be) but like yours the Sony Surround system is probably 2012.   Would I be able to tell whether it is also partly the TV by disconnecting the home theatre system and running it solely on TV?

At the moment, Netflix displays better on my PC than TV but the difference isn't huge.  Unlike Lightbox who uses mirroring via HDMI cable (rather than come direct via the PC) which gives a shocking picture.  Using Netflix via HDMI cable (I have resorted to this in frustration as well) is good quality as well so not the HDMI cable.

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Ultimate Geek

  # 1370374 19-Aug-2015 16:33
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I also suggest to break the problem down and try and solve a bit at a time. Only change one thing at a time.



To check it the TV processor is the issue look at Netflix on the PC or an Xbox/PS3.


Ideally do this at the point where your TV is.


If no improvement after this change then the TV processing probably is not an issue.



Then try and eliminate some internal network issues a bit. Can you run a wired cable to the TV formn somewhere else in the house - does the change anything?



Look at Netflix the PC where the new access point the sparky installed is. Then put the PC directly into the router. Compare and you will have some ideas if cabling internally is an issue



Posting as suggested your internet line stats (not model number, but some technical data on internet line information you get displayed on your PC screen by logging into your router) will help others who know more than me tell you about your connection quality.

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Uber Geek

  # 1370375 19-Aug-2015 16:35
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SparkyP: DJShadow

How would I tell if this was an issue?  The TV is 1080 p (or supposed to be) but like yours the Sony Surround system is probably 2012.   Would I be able to tell whether it is also partly the TV by disconnecting the home theatre system and running it solely on TV?

At the moment, Netflix displays better on my PC than TV but the difference isn't huge.  Unlike Lightbox who uses mirroring via HDMI cable (rather than come direct via the PC) which gives a shocking picture.  Using Netflix via HDMI cable (I have resorted to this in frustration as well) is good quality as well so not the HDMI cable.

Forget all of that. 

You need to start your diagnosis at the point the internet comes into your house (ie, your modem/router). If your modem has a weak connection then fiddling around with tv etc is of no help . 

As freitism pointed out, you need to post your modem stats. Your modem-router has a built-in webserver where you can get these stats.  If you don't know how to find this, then you probably need to talk to someone who can guide you through it. 

[edit] what model modem do you have? If you post that, someone may help you. 


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Master Geek

  # 1370395 19-Aug-2015 17:19
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OK it is a D Link DIR 600
Hardware version BX
Firmware Version 2.05

About 6 years old I think

I have an Online Box up on it.

What am I looking for?  Status?  Log?  Statistics? 

The new device added on by the Electrician is an Edimax 3308P V 1.0 and he has in fact switched the order the signal comes in.  The Edimax is now in the garage and is transmitting via Internet cable to the D Link down at the living area.

PS:  This is a Switch I think

PPS:  We are on ADSL and have a Spark download speed  of about 13 MBPS as measured on their online thingy.


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Uber Geek

Lifetime subscriber

  # 1370424 19-Aug-2015 17:50
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stats, ie connection rate, attenuation etc

the edimax is a switch the dlink is the router, if your on adsl then there will be another device there

so log into modem using its IP address to access the login page, use the user name and passwork you have for it

then find the DSL page and post the connection information

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Master Geek

  # 1370429 19-Aug-2015 18:18
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Well that's interesting. I am still BTW, trying to figure out where I get the info you mentioned on the d link server thing.  But while I was looking I was on the LOG page and saw this.  Does  it have anything to do with the problems I am having and is it normal or why is it happening?

Aug 19 18:08:36 PING-FLOODING flooding attack from WAN (ip: detected. Aug 19 18:03:36 PING-FLOODING flooding attack from WAN (ip: detected. Aug 19 17:57:28 PING-FLOODING flooding attack from WAN (ip: detected. Aug 19 17:57:19 PING-FLOODING flooding attack from WAN (ip: detected. Aug 19 17:55:02 PING-FLOODING flooding attack from WAN (ip: detected. Aug 19 17:54:59 PING-FLOODING flooding attack from WAN (ip: detected. Aug 19 17:54:59 PING-FLOODING flooding attack from WAN (ip: detected. Aug 19 17:53:36 PING-FLOODING flooding attack from WAN (ip: detected. Aug 19 17:53:10 PING-FLOODING flooding attack from WAN (ip: detected. Aug 19 17:53:03 PING-FLOODING flooding attack from WAN (ip: detected.

PS:  The extra device you mentioned is a Thomson Speed Touch ST536 V6.0.  I imagine this is the one that telecom installed before we moved in and therefore is the receiving device.

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Master Geek

  # 1370433 19-Aug-2015 18:46
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I am not too sure how to do that.  It has a MAC address and access code printed is that what I want?  or do I do an IP address find and then follow the IP address that comes up on my PC?

PS:  I think I found it - someone had put the address on another forum.

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Uber Geek

Lifetime subscriber

  # 1370461 19-Aug-2015 19:06
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you need the IP address and the user name and password to log in and get the info

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Master Geek

  # 1370462 19-Aug-2015 19:07
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OK from DSL page

Link Information




















0 days, 23:59:30







DSL Type:


G.992.5 annex A







Bandwidth (Up/Down) [kbps/kbps]:


1.033 / 17.679







Data Transferred (Sent/Received) [kB/kB]:


0,00 / 0,00







Output Power (Up/Down) [dBm]:


12,0 / 18,0







Line Attenuation (Up/Down) [dB]:


6,5 / 12,0







SN Margin (Up/Down) [dB]:


13,0 / 12,0







Vendor ID (Local/Remote):









Loss of Framing (Local/Remote):


0 / 0







Loss of Signal (Local/Remote):


0 / 0







Loss of Power (Local/Remote):


0 / 0







Loss of Link (Remote):









Error Seconds (Local/Remote):


0 / 0







FEC Errors (Up/Down):


0 / 4.419







CRC Errors (Up/Down):


0 / 0







HEC Errors (Up/Down):


281 / 0





From Internet page















Connection Information




















1 day, 0:02:11







Data Transferred (Sent/Received) [MB/GB]:


319,36 / 7,79














Connection Settings











































PPP Settings


































Connection Mode:
















TCP/IP Settings


















IP Address:







Default Gateway:







Primary DNS:







Secondary DNS:













Connectivity Info

Test Results





Test Succeeded






Test Succeeded






Test Succeeded






Test Succeeded






Test Failed








Enabled/OKConnectivity to Gateway (






Disabled/Not OKConnectivity to DNS Server 1 (






Disabled/Not OKConnectivity to DNS Server 2 (





Finally I don't know if it is at all relevant but I have seen it on Unotelly dashboard so will mention it.

Dynamic DNS is currently disabled


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Uber Geek

Lifetime subscriber

  # 1370482 19-Aug-2015 19:35
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you are connected at 17 down and 1 up which is fine and you speed test of around 13 also matches that.

looking at that your connection looks fine, did you disconnect or restart the modem 24 hours ago?

i would be starting to look at other things now

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