SORRY ALL, it seems to be an RCA AV converter I need instead. I would delete this thread if I knew from where. Thanks and sorry for the hassle!

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Hi there, I was hoping to put our perfectly fine CTR tv to good use in the guest room with Chromecast 2. For that I'd need HDMI female to VGA male adapter that plugs to the back of tv. Does anyone know where to get these in NZ off the shelf? Found loads on Amazon & eBay (like this) but was hoping to get one asap. The only ones I've seen are HDMI male but I need female for Chromecast to fit in. Audio OUT in the unit is a definite bonus :) Thanks for any tips!

EDIT: managed to find on PB website after all, just missing audio out. If you know of one with audio out, please let me know where it is :)