I am trying to work out a way of getting my own apps or streaming playlists to work on our Sony Bravia Linux (pre-Android) smart TV. I am aware of the other options, like Apple TV and Kodi, but this is the project I am interested in at this time.


There seem to be two main ways to do this. One is the OTT Player available from the Sony Opera store. I have tried this with some test playlists but it seems to be rubbish. Links that play perfectly on VLC constantly buffer and freeze on OTT Player, which also keeps dropping the connection. This is on a LAN connection that works fine with the browser. Our Internet speed tests are always at least 20 mbps on Speed of Me and DSL Reports, usually higher.


The other option I have found is SS IPTV but so far I have not been able to get this to work. I don’t really understand the sparse information I have been able to find and when I enter the TV code in the browser it says it can’t connect, although the TV is correctly identified.


I should point out that I am not trying to access pirate streams. I want to make my own apps and playlists with links to sites I already have access to so I can replace the useless Sony rubbish that is just wasting space. If anyone can help me with SS IPTV or make other suggestions I would be glad for any ideas.