It has been a long time coming but finally another step on the road to Google replacing Google Play Music with YouTube Music.

Enjoy your Google Play Music library in YouTube Music

Music can help us in many different ways during hard and uncertain times. And starting from today, you can finally enjoy your music on YouTube Music. You can now transfer your Google Play Music library, including playlists, uploads, recommendations and more, to experience YouTube Music with your music library. Once you transfer, your membership will also move to YouTube Music, but you can continue to use Google Play Music, and your music library will still be there. YouTube Music will eventually replace Google Play Music later this year, but don't worry – we'll give you plenty of notice before that happens.

Over the last few years, we've continued to improve YouTube Music and add the features that matter to you. And while YouTube Music looks a bit different from Google Play Music, it was built by the same team with the same passion. It offers more than 50 million official songs, albums and playlists as well as the features that you love and expect from Google Play Music.

Here's how we're making this change as smooth as possible for you:

One-click transfer: You can now transfer your music library to YouTube Music, including your playlists and recommendations, as well as uploaded and purchased music.

Ease in: You can transfer your music and start exploring YouTube Music without losing access to your Google Play Music library. For now, you'll continue to have access to both services.

No price change: With YouTube Music Premium, you'll get the same uninterrupted, offline and background-play features that you've enjoyed – plus new ones that we think you'll love – all at your current, recurring monthly membership price.

Keep your deal: As a long-standing Google Play Music member, you'll keep YouTube Premium benefits at no extra cost. That means unlimited uninterrupted and offline videos on YouTube. By transferring, you'll get to keep your Premium status.

Thanks for being a loyal member. We hope that you'll enjoy the new YouTube Music experience, and if you have questions, we're here for you. Take a look at our support resources.

Happy listening,
The Google Play Music and YouTube Music teams