I reckon I've had my Fenix 3 for around 6 months now and thought I would do a mini status report.



  • Does everything!
  • Waterproof to 100m
  • Battery lasts around 7-14 days depending on what you use (e.g. GPS/GLONASS uses more than just clock) and is easily charged via USB
  • Comfortable
  • Watch faces downloadable so you can change it up 
  • Other things like multiple time zone apps etc can be added at will
  • App not bad, links with My Fitness Pal, Apple Health etc
  • You can track your activities using GPS and they appear on maps - this is especially fun in faraway lands! I recorded walks in Burma just to see them on the map!
  • GPS gives immediate time zone changes when travelling - just pop out to where it can see the sky and press the button!



  • Some of the downloadable things lack QC so can be buggy, use battery up etc
  • Garmin had a complete horlicks with the Connect app a week ago - no data for several days
  • Occasional glitches - mine froze today whilst charging, but a soft reset fixed it
  • Does too much I won't ever use!
  • A bit sporty for dress wear
I've found it has helped a huge amount with my fitness and weight loss. Quantification has proven a key motivator to me: I hate vagueness and so removing that using a combination of the Fenix 3, Withings scales, My Fitness Pal and so on has been hugely helpful. No more "I probably did 10,000 steps" or "I feel like I lost a kilo last week" or "that pizza had about 200 calories in it!" No room for doubt! It's like a personal drill instructor.