Can anyone recommend a great optometrist in Wellington? I'm looking for a real technical expert, someone great with optical theory, very experienced, who has all the appropriate testing equipment to investigate issues. I guess that chain optometrists are unlikely to fill this criteria.


Ideally located in central Wellington, but anywhere in the region is ok for the right person.


Background: I have slightly fussy eyes. I have multiple pairs of glasses all the same prescription. I can see well out of some of the glasses, but not well out of the others, even though they test as being the same on the lensometer. I need a very experienced expert with suitable test equipment who can help work it out. The optometrist I've been seeing for 20 years is very good, but he suggested a second opinion. I think he meant another optometrist at the same firm, but I'm looking around for a third party first.


NB: I don't want anyone here to try to diagnose my problem, I'm looking for a referral to a professional who can. I have my own theories and the theories of my optometrist, but I want another optometrist's opinion.