Hi Guys,

I have a 1979 Lancer EX which is having some idling issues. Once the engine is warmed up it will idle for a second or two and choke until it almost stalls and then picks up again.

I have done an oil and filter change (air and oil), double and triple checked base timing and advance (electronic distributor so no points here), new plugs (gapped to spec), leads and een checked the idle speed with a digital meter.

Have disconnected vacuum advance and replaced all vacuum hoses in-case of any leaks as some were perished - Testing with a vacuum gauge gives me steady reading and behaves as you would expect at all engine RPM.

I don't know enough to start fiddling with the choke (automatic choke) and mixture (This engine is carbed).

What I would like is if someone can step me through this process of getting the mixture correct or a workshop who I can trust to get this right or even a quick dyno tune (all my previous experiences with workshop mechanics have been bad ones, so I have relied on a family member who is unable to do this stuff for me any longer)

Any advice or anyone local or within the waikato who can help me would be greatly appreciated.