Note: I'm not associated with any car or shipping company.

You can buy classic American cars much cheaper in the US (who have thunk?), and ship it over, than buying the same car already imported to NZ.

For the lazy with too much money, is a well-known US site. It's usually very over-priced, in extreme cases by 3x, but may be cheaper by NZ standards.

In example, a 1957 Thunderbirds sells for around $25,000 in the US.

Pretty much the same car already in NZ is selling on trademe for US $55,000 (NZD $80,000)

AVOID THE WEST COAST AND NORTH EAST unless you have more money than sense.

The key is to good prices is avoid auction and internet web site, and get deep into US rural areas. Then pull over frequently in ancient greasy gas stations, and ask the oldest mechanics if they know a car restorer.

I'll guarantee they'll know every restorer in a 250 mile radius.

There's a wide range of prices for identical cars. Cars in the mid-west US, and south-east tend to be 1/3 to 1/2 the price of cars in New York, California, Washington State, Nevada.

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee tend to the have extremely high-quality classic cars at good prices. Since it doesn't snow in these areas, no road salt, rust is less of a concern

The exception is the Checker Taxi (the classic 1950's-1970s New York taxi), where they are cheaper in the North East, in particular Michigan.

The best prices are going to be in local word-of-mouth.

My favourite cars.

- 1940's "woody" station wagons, any manufacturers
- 1954 Chevy Truck
- 1957 Ford thunderbird convertible
- 1958 Checker cab, A8
- 1965 Mustang convertible
- 1965 GTO convertible
- 1967 Corvette convertible

The sign of a good car restorer is using Dupoint Imron paint. This paint is very expensive. Make sure to look for "orange peel", as this paint is thick and slow to dry.

Here's left hand rule laws (again not associated this company, and have never used them)