When your looking to replace a part for your vehicle it's often the case that the same part/part number will be used for consecutive years for the same and often other models until it is superceded .
In this instance I'm trying to replace glass on two light trucks that were vandalised ,a ford trader and a mitsi canter ,
At certain years these trucks change their visual appearances but maintain the same running gear .
The Obvious visual change the Ford Trader / Mazda Titan has is from the single headlight to twin headlight configuration in about 1988 ,The windscreen is also approx 100mm or so shorter In height in the older models.. The doors on the newer cabs of these trucks have a window edge that drops down about halfway along where as the the pre 1989 models have a straight edge and rubber that the window winds down into.
Mechanically there is little change except the introduction of split gearboxes .
The Mitsi Canter is much the same although the facelift happens in a different year .
These two different trucks retain their facelift for almost a decade making the parts you order say for a 1999 model will fit a 2007 model and so on ... These cosmetic changes are far more regular in CARS ,for example, to get the correct indicator lens can be a nightmare ...
Ok ..data catalogs ... They make you pay online to find the correct part number you should be ordering .
The difficulty I'm experiencing is knowing exactly what year the manufacturers changed to a different part / part number ..
If I'm looking online for a second hand window for my truck and I find a 2000 model that looks the same as my 2003 model do I just buy it to find out it is slightly wider ?
Metro glass for example can look up your model of truck ,tell you the part number and rattle off all the other models that this windscreen fits ...and there is quite a list of models from different brands like Izusu that take the same windscreen according to the part number...so wouldn't be handy to have access to that kind of catalogued Information ?
But wait.... Mitsi used the same windscreen from 1997 -2003 then they were face lifted ,so my 2003 may not fit from a model pre 2003 ....
The trader/Titan is much less complicated .
So asking a question like :.
My neighbour has a rusty old Mitsi truck he's wrecking !maybe the windscreen will fit my one I wonder if I can google and find out ?
NOPE ....There seems to be one answer ...
Buy a brand new one from the dealership cause your not allowed to know what years fit whateva unless you pay up to $500 US to join a website that boasts having all this info catalogued .