We bought another car. A 2006 Toyota Rush


From Mr car dealer. So $8700 which is the most I ever paid for a car in my life, by a lot.


So I took it to get another key. $475 says Mr Locksmith.
Hmmm, OK....


So I go back and he can't connect to car. Error. he also says, weird, it isn't giving out a signal. It's the one where actual key is the emergency get in door, but need gadget to start car - using the plastic button ignition thing, not putting a key in.


He refunds me.


So I go to Toyota.
So Toyota mess about checking and then ring.


The master is missing.


So I need to have a master created now.
I need a second key.
I need labour of 3 hrs.
I need coding
All up I need to pay them $1918.


Mr car Dealer says no, He says I can accept his "alternative" method.

Actually I did say to car Dealer at the outset, I was fine with paying $475 for a spare, but not the above and beyond that that Toyota now have to do because of this missing master issue.


So I have to pay this and then go to the Disputes Tribunal.