The Nissan Leaf seem to have a lot of ability to get your geek on see what happening and change things via the diagnostics port.




You have things like:


Leaf Spy (That can check out your batteries)




Tool to allow you to fix a fault code when you swap the battery


Or a tool to change your car  dash over to English




Seem you can GPS track it also and turn stuff on remotely




And can programs the radio dash to give update where location in NZ are for charging.


So can this run other apps ?




So the port is the OBDII , and you can get plugs for these from multiple sites, including TrameMe for about $30-50


That will allow you to connect to the car port via Bluetooth or Wifi.




What would like to know is details of any other things that can be done.


And were do we find info to start looking under the bonnet our selves.


Is their any good sites that have details of getting started with doing these things your self.


Basic like what tools need and where to find info about protocols and settings etc is what would like to find share here.