Hey folks


I am in the market to purchase another business vehicle, and I am wanting to lease ( we seem to change new vehicles very regularly).


Anyone have any experience with operating lease deals?


I know Toyota used to be good for businesses with discounts up to 26% off RRP, but that was 3+ years ago. 


We would be looking at a mid sized suv with all safety features


Toyota RAV4
Peugeot 5008
VW Tiguan
Mitsubishi ASX our Outlander - lease price confirmed @ $360 ASX XLS to $540 month for Outlander VRX.


(45month 60k)


And out of curiosity, has anyone here leased a new Tesla?
In the States, a model 3 lease starts from USD$399 month. I would be happy to also lease a new Model 3 or upcoming Y for ~$700 per month!