The Hazard


Tailgate Wiring Harness: The subject vehicles are equipped with a rear hatch that contains a wire harness and connectors for electrical components installed in the rear hatch. During conductivity testing the contact gaps of a connector may have increased, resulting in lower contact pressure inside the connector at specific terminals. In this condition, an oxide layer may develop on the surface of those terminals due to vehicle vibration and exposure to air over time, resulting in increased electrical resistance. If there is a sufficient increase in electrical resistance on one of these terminals, the backup lamps may become inoperative. If backup lamps do not illuminate when the vehicle is operated in reverse, there can be an increased risk of a crash. NOT ALL VEHICLES IN THE MODEL YEARS ARE INVOLVED.


What to do


As an owner of an involved vehicle, you will be contacted by registered letter requesting you to contact your nearest authorised Toyota Dealer to arrange a convenient time to have the repairs completed at no cost. Alternatively, contact Toyota's Customer Dialogue Centre to discuss.