ASoft Limited, the importer and distributor of the HDBuddy Freeview|HD set top box is advising of stock clearance of this model.



These are basic converter boxes which work off a UHF aerial. Those interested in this product can purchase these direct from the ASoft Limited website. There are three options to choose from and these can be obtained via the links that follow. The product will be available at clearance prices until Friday 5 June 2020. There are about 400 units available. Please pass this message on to anyone who may be interested.


1) HDBuddy ( Refurbished stock ) $20 each plus postage can be purchase via the following link:

2) HDBuddy (New stock) $30 each plus postage can be purchased via the following link:

3) HDBuddy (New stock with HDMI Cable) $40 each can be purchased via the following link:

Queries and questions be sent via the "Contact US" form on the ASoft Limited website. Support for this product will be available via the DTV Solutions Solutions Forum.