So my contract with MyRepublic had expired.  Due to the unsatisfactory service I was getting I elected to move to another service provider.


I tried to call MR to cancel my service but after waiting on hold for 15-20 minutes I gave up and sent them an email.  Surprise, surprise.  No response to the email so I decided I'd better call them to confirm.


Only had to wait about 10 minutes on hold, not too bad really.


Person I spoke to said there was nothing showing that I had requested cancellation............after a pregnant pause I asked if he could please arrange cancellation.  He graciously agreed to do so.


MyRepublic, like most telcos, bills a month in advance, on the 21st of the month, so I have already paid for May's service and in fact should be getting two weeks refund.


So even though I canceled on the 11th, he tells me they will have to bill me for another month on the 21st May.  Feeling very confused I asked why they would be billing me for a service that I had cancelled?


"Oh that's just how we do it".  Starting to feel a bit frustrated yell I asked why would I pay for a service I was no longer using?  His answer, "you'll have to apply for a refund".


How F___ed up is that.


As I'm paying by credit card, the bank says they'll can't block payment unless I cancel the card and get a new card re-issued.  Too hard.


Avoid these guys like the plague.