Let's start a Euro 2016 thread!


On England v Russia. LOL @ England. Roy Hodgson is just a terribly limited and frankly useless manager. How total waste of spaces like Raheem "Left-Footed Theo Walcott" Stirling and James Milner can make it into the squad is beyond me. It was the usual crap with England - can't keep the ball despite dominating possession, along with the usual technical and tactical ineptitudes. I wasn't impressed with Lallana starting but was pleasantly surprised that apart from Stirling being a starter, the lineup wasn't totally insane. But despite the initial domination, you could see the usual patterns emerging. Lallana had a couple of great chances and he totally fluffed them. What he did in the 28th minute or so was just disgraceful -- Kane was clearly offside and he was in acres of space to shoot on goal. Instead, he just blindly passed to Kane.


The English commentators were also total idiots. As Russian came out of the box in the second half dominating in the initial 10 to 15 minutes, the idiots called for Vardy to come on to change the game. Yes because a player as limited as Vardy would have allowed England to have more of the ball -- this isn't the premier league! Opposition managers actually have some degree of technical aptitude.


Stirling did absolutely nothing all game apart from running up and down the pitch at speed. Just before Russia equalised, it was painful to see the fool fluff his lines when he had acres of space to run into. The Spurs trio of Alli, Walker and Rose were absolutely fantastic, however.


England to be knocked out by the quarters, as per usual! And Smalling (it pains me to say it as a United fan) will almost certainly cost them a goal using his usual grappling defending before then. He's excellent in the PL but won't get away with any of his usual rubbish in a tournament.