Doing a trip with the in laws in March so need to look at bookings now. Looking at staying 4-5 nights in Tauranga and 2 nights in Ruapehu and 4 nights in New Plymouth. 2 couples, 4 adults total.

Being as they are, picky on dirt and dust etc (just how it is in there part of europe) they dont mind if its not brand new, but also we want to save as much as possible so need tiday 3.5-4 start kind of accommodation. Mt Ruapehu is the easiest to find good budget accommodation, lots of tiday Chalets.

Im not sure if we should stay at the Mount or if its cheaper to stay somewhere else but still nice in Tauranga?

I loved my last stay in Taranaki but that was with friends so I dont know the nicer places to stay there.

Any tips on what to see and do would be cool, I have a fair idea as Ive been to all locations over my decades, but its been a while due to a couple of decades in Aus.

Cheers all.