Once again, the personal privacy of private citizens has been seriously compromised by a government agency that doesn't understand Internet security. This is not the first time, or even the 10th time, that such a thing has happened. Remember the WINZ kiosks? 


Every time, some solemn talking head emerges to reassure us that they take our privacy and security ever so seriously. Until the next time it happens, of course. 


Government agencies want to automate everything to do with personal data and official services because it saves time and money. And every time yet another serious breach occurs, you get bureaucrats looking around in confusion and wondering how such a thing could have happened.


Not one big IT project ever seems to seriously allow for any possibility that everything could all go horribly wrong, so every time it does, those responsible are caught out and left wringing their hands in apologetic befuddlement. Does anyone wonder why I don't trust the census? I am still waiting for the big data breach on that one.