Hi all!

I have been mining and and off for many years, starting with USB Block Erupters and Bitcoin.  I have been getting more into GPU mining (I have a few 1060's, nothing amazing) and started with NiceHash a while back (very easy, which is part of what makes it popular), and RavenCoin (download the desktop wallet, mine to it, that's it).  Was quite easy to get going, especially based on what I knew from mining Bitcoin.

However for Ethereum it seems that I keep hitting roadblocks.  First finding an 'official' desktop wallet (there isn't one official one, right?), then going through all the mobile ones (trying to weed out the good from the bad), then a pool (which wasn't that hard, settled on Bitfly as I used them for Raven), then getting into the whole Dapps, Gas prices, and Eth.

I finally managed to get my first payout today, and find I was hit with $8 in transaction fees! A bit of research showed that the Coinbase wallet I chose is hit with Coinbase fees, something I didn't know of (I assumed fees for sending / buying, not for receiving).

So, a couple of questions (otherwise its just a rant)

Is there a recommended way to do this? I found the Trust wallet, which I can link to Bitfly using Wallet Connect (another thing I had to learn about).  Is this setup OK?

Will I always get hit with transaction fees? I know about the Gas fees, I assume this is just the way Eth works compared to Raven and Bitcoin?

Any hints to make this easier?

Many thanks!