Just came back from a US trip and of course being a HT enthusiastic had to check out BluRay.

Went to a few Big Box retailers like Frys, Best Buy and CompUSA to check them out. 

Best display was at CompUSA. They had the Samsung BluRay player connected to about 20 large displays(!), from  plasma, DLP, SRXD and LCD.  I have to admit, while the movie showing wasn't exactly high art (UltraViolet) the picture quality was stunning, especially on the Sony and a DLP model which had 1080P resolution. No MPEG artifacts, staring close at the screen I could not see any pixel structure - like watching a high quality movie. Made me drool at the picture quality available on sets that some of us have here locally but have to put with the SD rubbish that is transmitted.    Very noticeable improvement over DVD - picture much sharper and clearer.

No sale on the Samsung - $999+ tax so while tempted to get one, common sense got the better of me.  I also did check out if I could preorder a PS3 but every game place I went to sort of laughed at me and said, they had all be presold pretty much on the release date.